Frequently Asked Questions

As a potential new CMIS-UK Customer, we understand that you may have a few questions about how it all works.  We are pleased to provide you with a summary of answers to frequently asked questions below for your reference.


We would also welcome to the opportunity to answer any questions you may have should the below information not cover your points of interest.  To request a call back from one of our Rubi CRM experts please click here.

How do I install?

No need to install, Rubi will work in your web browser. If you want to use Microsoft Office integration, Internet Explorer (minimum v10) is required. Rubi will work in other browsers without Microsoft Office integration or you can utilise the Rubi Outlook Plugin for only £2 (ex VAT) per user per month.

Can Rubi be used with a Mac?

As Rubi runs in your web browser there’s no problem using on a Mac. Unfortunately, Outlook functionality isn’t available but we do offer alternatives for sending emails. Feel free to ask us for more information.

Can I link the Rubi CRM to my company website?

Absolutely, many of our customers have benefited from linking their Rubi CRM directly to their company website and have automated many processes that were previously very time consuming. This includes event bookings, contact profile updates, user registration, member directories and much more!

What are the charges for upgrades?

As a valued CMIS-UK Customer, you will enjoy free upgrades as part of the user license fee throughout the duration of your contract.  This means you will always have the latest version of the Rubi CRM (including new features) available at no additional cost!

Does the Rubi CRM have a Reporting Tool?

Yes! The Rubi CRM comes with a comprehensive reporting tool that enables our Customers to retrieve vital information in just a few clicks.  You can even create reports based on customised fields giving your company the flexibility to obtain the information you really need.

How often do you run system back-ups?

Rubi CRM system back-ups are taken every 4 hours and moved to an external location each day.  This means that you can feel confident that your vital customer information is safe with these security protocols in place.

Can I use other browsers with the Rubi CRM?

The Rubi CRM can be used with other browsers including mobile devices.  If you use MS Outlook in a Windows environment, we recommend that your organisation use Internet Explorer (min v10). If you use MS Outlook in a Windows environment but don’t have access to Internet Explorer, other browsers can be used along with the Rubi Outlook Plugin for only £2 (ex VAT) per user per month.

Can I use the Rubi CRM with multiple devices?

Absolutely! Rubi can be used from various locations if required. You are limited to 1 concurrent login per user at any one time but there’s no problem logging into Rubi with other devices.

Can new features/functionality be added to Rubi?

Sure! Our Technical Team would be more than happy to discuss bespoke development options in order to tailor the system to your requirements.

Can I link the Rubi CRM to my Accounting software?

Yes!  The Rubi CRM can be linked to various Accounting packages allowing Customer, Booking and Sale details to be processed in just a few clicks or via an automated schedule. Contact us for more information.

How do I update the software?

No need, updates are performed on our server which will be automatically applied to your browser. We’ll be in touch before any updates, so there are no surprises. After an update simply go to your login screen and login as normal.

How much do you charge for ongoing Customer Support?

Absolutely nothing! All CMIS-UK Customers are entitled to free support throughout the duration of the contract.  This means that your staff will have direct access for any questions or problems they may have at no additional cost.

Can we add our company logo to Rubi?

Yes! Rubi can be customised with your company logo and has a colour theme option to further customise your system. You can also customise your Welcome screen with personalised messages for your team members.