Cloud Based Rubi CRM Features

Simplicity – Time is money and the less time your users spend learning the system, the more time that can be spent on your own customers.  That’s why we’ve developed the Rubi CRM with an easy-to-use, familiar interface, enabling users to begin using the system with very little training.  Most new Customers are surprised at how simple the system is to use, and they are also impressed with the comprehensive functionality of the Rubi CRM.


Service – As a valued CMIS-UK Customer you will receive our highly rated FREE Customer & Technical Support throughout the duration of your contract. Our Customers are our number one priority which is why we have received such high marks in our recent Customer Satisfaction Surveys.  We believe in resolving issues as quickly as possible and providing our Customers with a direct line to a dedicated CMIS-UK Team member who will be happy to help with any questions you may have.


Experience – With many years of experience in providing our high quality CRM systems, we are confident that we can provide you with a system that works for YOUR organisation.  We understand that each organisation works differently and that not all CRM’s will be suitable for your company.  Here at CMIS-UK, we take the time to understand your organisational requirements and truly determine if the Rubi CRM is the right solution for you.


Recommend – Our products and services come highly recommended by our current Customers and we have the testimonials to prove it!  We take a great deal of pride when it comes to providing outstanding products and services and the feedback we have received has been exceptional. In fact, we welcome more new customers through referrals more than any other source!

Access Anytime Anywhere

Rubi is a web-based application that can be accessed via any device that is connected to the internet.


We recommend using Internet Explorer (v10 or higher) in a Windows environment however, Rubi can be used in other browsers with Javascript enabled.

Interactivity with Microsoft Office

Working in a Windows environment, Rubi integrates with your MS Office products enabling you to send and import emails from Outlook, export information directly to Excel and generate templates to Word.

Administer Event Bookings

As part of the integrated event management module, Rubi also includes an event bookings component. Event bookings allows you to add contacts to a company record and then book those individuals onto events. Bookings that are added can have specific booking statuses, price, method of payment and include specical requests such as dietary requirements.

Reporting module for data on demand

The built-in Rubi Reporting tool allows you to create customised reports based on the information held within Rubi.  Reports that are created within the reports module can also be saved for easy access in the future.

Import data directly to Sage

Rubi2Sage is designed to save hours of data entry time by importing accounting information directly from your Rubi CRM to Sage products. Create new records, update existing records and generate items to invoice all via a simple interface.

Alerts and tasks for yourself and your team

Using the interactions area of Rubi to store your history notes allows you to utilise the tasks and alerts system built in to Rubi. This system allows you to create interactions which you can then “send” or “assign” to a fellow team member to complete. These alerts will then appear on the team member’s own Rubi when they are next logged in. Alternatively, you can set yourself interaction “tasks.” These are interactions which you need to follow up on a particular date. You can also log these interactions within your Outlook calendar/tasklist which can then update your Blackberry, iPhone or other mobile device.

Tasklist for basic account functions

Should you require, Rubi can also be used to store information for your Accounts Team. This basic information can then be accessed from the Accounts tasklist. Items in the tasklist include bookings requiring an invoice, any invoice requests for a particular record or any purchase order requests for a company/client account. Payments can then be processed through SagePay utilising the Rubi CRM as the ‘shopping basket’.  This process can also be automated by linking your Rubi CRM to your company website to accept payments.

** Please note – Rubi is not an accounting package and should not replace your accounting software **

Event Check In

Rubi Users can use the Event Check In service, on devices connected to the internet, onsite at events to view attendees, booking notes and table numbers.  Users can also update booking statuses, add bookings and upload attendee photos.

Event Check In also enables attendees at your events to provide ratings and feedback, view other attendee profiles, photos and table numbers, upload photos into their profile and view venue  maps/directions.


Event Check In also enables attendees at your events to  view other attendee profiles, photos and table numbers.  In addition, attendees can upload photos into their profile, provide ratings and feedback for the event and view event location maps.

Membership Administration

The Rubi CRM includes built-in functionality that enables your organisation to easily manage memberships for companies and individual contacts.

Store your clients, contacts & interactions

The Rubi system enables you to store and manage a wide range of information regarding your current/prospective customers, contacts, interactions, sales, memberships and events.   Furthermore, Rubi can be further customised to track and manage additional information specific to your organisation.

Integrated Event Management

Unlike other CRM products, the Rubi system includes an integrated Event Management and Booking system at no additional cost. The Event module enables your staff to easily add existing contacts to events and fully manage the booking and confirmation process.

Custom fields specific to your requirements

Rubi has many pre-loaded fields for storing information, however, there may be occasions when you need to store vital data which has no ‘home.’ Rubi includes custom field functionality allowing you to create your own fields with a variety of formats including free text fields, date selection, tick boxes and drop down lists.

Link to your website

For customers using the online hosted version of Rubi, linking your website up to your Rubi system can make integration and ongoing maintenance much easier. We’ll be happy to speak with your web developers on how to integrate your website based on your requirements. Whether it’s a simple events list, or the ability to book customers from the website on to an event, we’ll try to assist however we can. (Please note – for some web connect work there may be a charge).

Alternatively, if you have a bespoke requirement for your website please let us know as we can help building the page and hosting for you. This can help as we’ll be able to create a “plug-and-play” control for your webpage.

Template documents for quick mail merge

Rubi includes a built-in template generator that enables users to quickly send emails and printed documents to contacts based on a pre-loaded template.  Templates created within Rubi can be merged on demand with a wide range of merge fields available.

Data audit and multi level security

Rubi automatically logs any changes to a record made by your team, or by the website as appropriate. These data logs provide a detailed audit trail or actions against a particular record such as when a company name was updated and to what.


Additionally, Rubi incorporates optional security levels whereby you can further secure your application. These include “secret codes”, multiple incorrect login lockouts and inactivity timeouts. All easily configured in your system properties.

Full system support and backup

At CMIS-UK we pride ourselves in providing the best in support, assistance and customer service. Our customers all benefit from free customer support and can reach out to us via the built-in support ticket system, by phone or via email.  Backups from our servers are taken on a regular basis providing you with peace of mind.  Our database servers are located in Manchester and London to provide the maximum uptime possible for your service.

Automated Booking Emails

Rubi Users can utilise the built-in event email scheduler to schedule emails in advance for attendees with bookings.  Scheduled emails can be set to send on a specified date and time to suit the needs of your business.

Data Protection Portal (GDPR)

With the new GDPR regulations coming into effect in May 2018, we are pleased to offer the Rubi Data Protection Portal.  The Rubi Data Protection Portal (RDPP) is an interactive add-on that helps to ensure your organisation is processing personal information in line with the new GDPR.


The RDPP is a portal that can be easily added to your website, email signatures, e-marketing campaigns and other locations.  The portal can be accessed by any contact that exists within your Rubi system with an email address. Once accessed, contacts will have the ability to provide your organisation consent, access stored personal information, update incorrect information, amend communication/marketing preferences and submit requests for  “Right to Erasure”.


All changes and requests through the portal are tracked in real time within your Rubi system, making it easier for you to keep an accurate record. The portal can also be customised with your company logo and information.