Since 2010, we have been providing the outstanding, highly-affordable and cloud based Rubi CRM system for businesses both across the UK and worldwide. We believe in providing the exceptional Rubi CRM system which also includes our highly rated Technical & Customer Support. We work in partnership with all of our clients to ensure a streamlined, efficient and tailored system is in place and becomes an integral part of their business. In a recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, 100% of CMIS-UK Customers rated the ongoing service they receive as ‘Excellent’ as seen in our Testimonials. Contact us now to see how the Rubi CRM can help your business maintain, improve and grow your client relationships.

We are extremely pleased with the database and its functionality. However the real benefit of working with CMIS-UK has been the can do attitude of the team. The training and ongoing support provided has been superb.

Chamber of Commerce – GW (Head of Operations)

Rubi Events CRM

About Rubi

Rubi Events CRM

Rubi is a comprehensive, easy to use and cloud based CRM system. Rubi is accessible via any device connected to the internet giving flexibility to access your member/customer information anytime, anywhere. Over the years, Rubi has assisted organisations to not only improve internal processes but also the relationships they have with their existing and potential customers. Rubi enables you to store required information in one simple to use interface and can be customised to your requirements through the use of custom fields and list values. CMIS-UK can also offer bespoke development of Rubi on an individual basis if your required functionality is not immediately available.


Below are just some of the features included within Rubi which can help you maintain and grow key relationships while improving the quality of services:


Company Details – store and manage information at the Company level including company name, address, telephone numbers, website, company email addresses, social media links, document uploads, alternative addresses and much more
Contact Information – store and manage information relating to specific contacts for your organisations including main contacts, telephone numbers, email addresses, interests, social media links, interests, categorisation, individual document uploads and much more
Membership/Customer – full membership/customer status management at both the company and/or contact levels (optional)
Interactions/History Notes – store and manage interactions for your customers including general notes and emails (import emails from Outlook)
Sales/Pipeline – store and manage sales and pipeline items at the individual and company level
Document Uploads – upload vital documents specific to companies, individuals and events
Flexible Search Functionality – easy to use predictive search function that allows you to locate records by company name, contact name, telephone number, website, customer status and post code as well as an advanced search capability
Customised Report Builder – build and save customisable reports to extract the most up to date information you require with one click
Tasks & Alerts Functionality – set alerts and tasks for yourself and other users to help organise and action items that are outstanding
Customised Fields – create customisable fields to track the information specific to your company
Customisable Drop Down Lists – create customisable drop down list options to quickly select the category you require
Events/Training Module – fully manage your events and training courses with the built-in module include dates and times, location, presenters, sponsors and more
Bookings Module – book your clients and customers onto your events and training courses quickly and generate templates to send out fast booking confirmations
MS Outlook & Excel Integration – enables you to send emails from Rubi using your Outlook account, import emails from your inbox (requires Internet Explorer v10 or higher) or activate the Rubi Outlook Plugin to use an alternative browser
Template Generation – build and send template correspondence directly through the Rubi system and track this information directly as an interaction to your members/customers
MailChimp & ForFront Integration – export your customer information directly into your MailChimp or ForFront subscription lists
Bulk Data Import Functionality – easily import data into your system including interactions and new records
User Permissions – set specific security permission levels for individual users enabling access to relevant areas only
Website Integration – link Rubi with your company website to collect registrations, process bookings, accept card payments and allow user updates directly to Rubi in real-time


We recognise that each organisation is unique and requires various data capabilities. Rubi is highly flexible and can be further developed with bespoke areas to meet specific requirements after further discussion.